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Walking Tax

If people take 15,000 steps every day in 300 days in a year, they will have a 1% tax reduction at the end of the year.

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#WalkingThroughTheCity #WalkForReducedTaxes #WalkForClimateAction

Sustainable Development Goals


For personal health and climate all you need to do is to take the step.

Less public transportaion usage contribution to health

Hard to track the sourse of the activity (walking as to substitute privat transport)  

The systems can be cheated with fake steps

We can track the locations weather there was an improvement or not (stable)


Energy [kWh]

  • Less energy use
  • Fossil Fual Usage ( Transportation fuel consumption accounts for over 70 percent of total U.S. oil consumption, and more than 65 percent of that amount is for personal vehicles)
  • Less electricity usage



Water [L]

  • Water usage in car production (Less)
  • Better drainage systems



Land / Ressources [m3]

  • More walking areas and parks would be build

Climate [CO2eq]

  • Less CO2 production (Less transportation)
  • Air emissions
  • Greenhouse gas emissions (greenhouse gas emissions from transportation accounted for about 29 percent of total U.S. greenhouse gas emissions)
  • Global Temperature



Social &

  • Health and safety/Cardiovascular health
  • Local government income/Tax


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Authors & Editors

Deniz & Yanzi

Walking Tax

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