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Decentralized energy system

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In large parts of the world many people don’t have access to electricity (or other forms of energy). There is often little chance of getting connected to the power grid in the foreseeable future . Also, the economic situation of the people in many countries is so bad that the costs of rising prices for energy, fossil fuels for e.g. diesel generators are not affordable. As a result, many people remain uncoupled from the future opportunities of a better living environment. It is known that every region of this earth ( desert, rainforest, mountains) needs its own form of energy. Thus, photovoltaics can be used in sunny regions, biomass and hydropower in the green belt of this earth. According to many Sources Africa arguably has the largest renewable energy resource reserves of any continent.

Hence the goal ist to educate people and help them use these reserves. People    should be able to see the opportunities of decentralized small renewable energy plants. And be able to use them.

Tips & Guidance

  1. Funding must be given to people so that they can build their own renewable energy plant.
  2. People have to be given the information (for example in classes or seminars)
  3. Not everyone have access to the Internet, to get the information they need.

When people have access to Power, a lot of SDGs can be achieved.For example “ Quality Education“. Students can have access to interent to educate themselves.

No cons

Renewable energy might seem too complicated to people

Good teachers are needed to provide information and help people build the renewable energy for themselves.


Climate [CO2eq]

It should be shown that the increasing negative effects of climate change can be countered by burning fossil fuels as alternatives. CO2 emissions can be reduced or even completely avoided.

Social &

This concept is intended to make it clear that the small decentralised renewable energy plants can counteract the rising costs of the world market and the large energy providers.  If they have their own energ plants then The energy costs thus can become more affordable

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Decentralized energy system

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