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1 Seed Challege

planting 1 seed from your fruit or vegetables waste every week

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Further Information

In local service club of each neighbourhood or social media of the club people can find information how to plant them and what seed are suitable for their climate

Sustainable Development Goals


On different social media people start this challenge and each week, they choose one seed from their fruit or vegetables waste suitable for their climate to plant in their balcony, in a box, rooftop, yard, garden or on the street and share pictures of the process of growth on their page

Tips & Guidance

  1. Each neighbourhood creates a page on different social media like instagram 
  2. Residents choose one seed each week and plant it somewhere
  3. Every week the share pictures of the seed with the page to promote this sustainable action
  1. Producing organic food
  2. Increasing the number of trees
  3. Decreasing air pollution after some time
  4. Raising awarness among people that in their wastes there are many valuable things that can be used
  1. People might plant the seeds in places their neighbourhood where nothing must be planted 
  2. People might plant seeds that are not suitable for the climate of the area

1. After a while people might not have enough space in their houses to plant more seeds and they might stop the challange

  1. We can provide people with information how, where and what to plant
  2. After a while when seeds of trees are grown enough, people can take them to their local service club and they plant them in specific areas in the neighbourhood




Water [L]

  • due to long distances of food transportation , a lot of food can not be used and wasted, which means wasting tons of water, too: the salt Some 45 trillion gallons of water are lost each year with all of the food that’s thrown out around the world, according to a report from the World Resources Institute. This represents a staggering 24 percent of all water used for agriculture. while with this activity almost all vegetables produced are edible

Land / Ressources [m3]

  • in all around of the world, 4,889 million ha are classified as ‚agricultural area‘ by the FAO (this is 37.6% of the Land Area) and with this activity we can use part of them in more sutainable ways.

Climate [CO2eq]

  • Transporting food within, to and around the UK produces 19 million tonnes of CO2 annually – equivalent to around 5.5 million typical cars.

  • Packaging in the UK produces  about 14 million tonnes of CO2.

    However, with this activity we will give up producing more greenhouse gases.

Social &

  • In today’s business environment, based on a study from Ohio State University: “The cost of the packaging as a percentage of total selling price varies greatly. Although this cost ranges from 1.4 percent to 40 percent, the average cost of packaging is $1 for every $11 spent. So we can save this money by producing food at home

1 Seed Challenge

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