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Art Canvas

Turning your neighbourhood into a canvas for art by decorating it with reusable materials

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Further Information

Gejia Village in China

Sustainable Development Goals


Every week people in each neighbourhood can gather together. they bring all the reusable material that they have collected during the week. they start decorating their neighbourhood.

  1. it can beautify neighbourhoods
  2. it can decrese waste production
  3. it can increase social activities between residents
  4. it can decrease CO2 emissions
  5. it can increase gender equality because all people can participate


1. At the beginning people might be reluctant, because they might feel it is difficult or not possible

1. some artists from the neighbourhood can teach people how to use such materials to decorate their neighbourhoods


people come together every week, try to collaborate and enjoy their time to fight climate change in the scale of their neighborhood 


people do not accept this idea and try to spend time on their own


Social &

  • the same experience in Gejia village: the total economic output around 120,000 in 2019,in 2020 expected to reach 500,000 yuan

  • it increased the income of local residents by 2.5 million yuan ($385,910)  








Authors & Editors

Cong Zhiqiang, associate professor at the School of Art from Renmin University of China

Gejia Residents



Art Canvas

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